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We produce your assembly unit: primary material organisation, thermal treatment, mechanical processing, coating

Machining (CNC)

Whatever you need, we offer you

Machining technology and more

System supplier of all metal machining processes.

Accept no compromises – count on 100% quality work! With CenMax, you have experienced professionals on your side – and not just in the area of mechanical processing. You receive accurately fitting and individually produced workpieces. We are experts in the field of CNC machining as well as the conventional machining of a wide variety of metals and we find economically efficient solutions for you. Moreover, we also offer you the production of the complete assembly unit if you need it.

With our qualified partners, we perform all metal machining using state-of-the-art technology. A high standard of quality is as important to us as reliability and punctuality. We are performance-orientated and are always striving to perfect our performance in line with your requirements! Challenge us!

Milling, turning, drilling – experience machining technology at its finest.

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The CenMax

service strengths

Advantages that convince our customers: the CenMax service strengths. Performance strength, consulting, expertise, reliability and more. You can count on this with CenMax.

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The CenMax

production strengths

CenMax offers you many reasons for collaboration in the processing of your workpieces, such as high productivity, state-of-the-art machines, maximum precision and more.

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The right technology

leads to success

State-of-the-art machines: large CNC machines, CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, table-type CNC drilling machines, vertical turning machines, centre lathes and more.


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